Certified Presenter

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Deb Ingersoll brings with her over 20 years of experience as an educator and has a special fondness for adolescents — “Their brains are so INTERESTING!” Upbeat, fun and engaging, Deb generates excitement  whenever she presents and always leaves her audience wanting more.

Deb is a certified trainer for The Upside Down Organization. She is currently an education consultant and works with parents and children, teachers and organizations. Deb does one-on-one coaching and develops targeted trainings for specific need areas around special education, reading, middles school programs and nutrition. She is also certified in secondary English, Pre-K through 8th grade in all subjects and Pre-K through 12th grade in special education. Deb has worked with a variety of student populations including large urban districts, small rural schools, and schools serving military bases. She has also run her own early childhood daycare and has worked with a Native American reservation school as a special education coordinator. Deb is also a licensed foster/adoption parent. In addition to working in education, Deb is a USDA certified organic grower in New Mexico where she runs a year-round organic farm. She also consults with grocery stores, schools, food banks and other food initiative organizations, and was recently appointed to the organic advisory board for the New Mexico department of agriculture. Deb is a passionate advocate about the relationship between food, brains, behavior and academic achievement. Deb is the mother of five ranging in age from 6 to 30 and has plenty of first hand knowledge of young brains!



  • Beyond Poverty
  • Feeding Your Brain: Effective Nutrition for Growing Brains
  • Giving a Fish a Bath
  • Right From the Start
  • Becoming a Mental Health Sleuth