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Alwynne Lamp, M.Ed. has more than 15 years of school counseling and education experience and in 2010 was named as the Middle School Counselor of the Year by the Florida School Counseling Association — WOW!

Alwynne is a certified trainer for The Upside Down Organization and works as a school counselor at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Florida. Other educational roles Alwynne has held include seven years as a Science Teacher and four years as an outdoor/experiential educator with Outward Bound in both Australia and Minnesota.

Alwynne has developed in-service training for educators in Florida and has worked closely with her own students to help them understand how their brain develops and functions and most importantly, how to care for it! As part of this effort, she developed a test anxiety reduction program and implementation of Carol Dweck’s Brainology. Alwynne also coordinates anti-bullying and alcohol prevention programs at her school.

Alwynne earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from the Australian National University, Diploma of Education from Canberra University and  her Master’s in Counselor Education from Florida Atlantic University. She is the mother of two grown girls and believes she has learned a great deal from raising them



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  • Giving a Fish a Bath 
  • Right From the Start


The "BUZZ" About Alwynne...

"It was so eye opening...I now understand a little why adolescents behave the way they. Alwynne was excellent and very enthusiastic!" — Carolyn Berger, FL

"Great work! Presenter knowledge was impressive and loved her sense of humor! Enjoyed the brain peice the most." — Michael Templeton, RI

"Alwynne has a great amount of knowledge about the brain and was able to explain its complex workings in a anderstandable way. She definitely knows her material!" — Conference Participant, FL