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Author, educator, speaker, trainer, therapist, and non-profit executive, Betty is passionately devoted to creating a better world for children. She has contributed professionally to the issues of childhood hunger and poverty at the national level, to international health in West Africa, and to individual therapy for stress and trauma-related issues. Her presentations earn high marks for connecting with participants with warmth and humor.

In 1993 Betty founded Stressless Tests®, an innovative non-profit organization providing brain-based learning classes for parents, educators, and middle and high school students. Over 1,000 children have participated in the first nine years, with the program receiving high marks from parents, educators, and the local public school system. She is the author of What’s My Style? Test and Study Skills for Procrastinating Teens An Owners Manual for Your Brain, which has been embraced by organizations that include the Learning Disabilities Association of America, the National Association for Gifted Children, and local school systems.

Betty graduated with a Master of Arts degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland School of Education. Her BA, also from the University of Maryland, College Park, was in Psychology and Social History. Early in her career when she was a recent college graduate, Betty served as a Peace Corps Volunteer and created the first study skills, parenting, and literacy classes in her town in Senegal, West Africa, directing an initiative that was recognized by the United Nations as an exemplary project.

In her spare time, Betty is an avid traveler, writer, community volunteer and photographer. She enjoys time with her family and lives in Columbia, Maryland.



  • Battling the Bully
  • Brain Matters

 The “Buzz” About Betty…

The first word that comes to mind in describing this workshop? Informative. Over-the-top. Fun! Interesting. Helpful. Outstanding. Excellent."
— American Payroll Association Annual Congress Power Hour Participants

"I was absolutely amazed by your presentation. I could tell you were truly into your field, but more importantly, that you wanted to help the parents that attended discover how their children actually learned. I hope other federal agencies who have work and family programs, will entertain the idea of you speaking to their concerned parents and providing them with the same wealth of knowledge that you did here today at the Social Security Administration."
— De Jackson, Manager, Work/Life Resource Center, MD 

"Thank you so very much for Monday's professional development presentations. The feedback I received was excellent. Teachers got useful information and they suggested that we do your session again at the start of the school year. Thanks for everything!"
— Sarah Maslow, Assistant Principal, Reservoir High School, MD