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Chris Grace is a certified school psychologist working in St. Mary’s County (MD) public schools.

Chris has been a school psychologist for 24 years and enjoys working with students, teachers, and families to help children achieve success in school.

Chris is energized by working with students who have autism spectrum disabilities as well as helping schools to adopt positive behavioral supports. She obtained her BA in Psychology from Clemson University and her MA in School Psychology from the University of South Carolina.

Chris was intrigued by brain physiology courses in school, so she is excited to work with UDO to be able to share information about how the brain works and how adults can help students in school. Chris has two teenage children, so she especially likes UDO’s Giving a Fish a Bath workshop!




  • Becoming a Mental Health Sleuth 
  • Brain Matters 
  • Beyond Poverty
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives
  • Giving a Fish a Bath 



The "Buzz" About Chris...


"Amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and provides the good, the bad, and the ugly of ADHD as well as multiple tools and avenues for supporting a child with ADHD."
— Participant, Partners for Success 

"She involved the audience, kept the group engagged, and was very knoweldgeable." 
— Participant,
Partners for Success 

"She is very kind and encouraging. She provided helpful information and great ideas."
— Participant,
Partners for Success