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Debi is an Independent Parent Educator, Certified Presenter for the TranZed Institute and Professional Certified Coach. She practices a holistic “whole person” approach to parenting and coaching, trusting each brain is as unique as a fingerprint. A lifelong learner, Debi has achieved numerous certifications in national parenting and international coaching programs. She is a National Certified Trainer for Active Parenting Publishers.

Believing diversity, equity, and inclusion begins at home, Debi and her husband of 30+years, utilized a strengths-based, coach-approach style of parenting to successfully launch more than one extraordinary child into the real-world. She shares her practical application experiences through humor and storytelling. For almost a quarter of a century she has actively engaged with the Autism Society of America at the local, regional, and national levels. In today’s uncertain and complex world, Debi’s passion includes maximizing the potential of each child by supporting families, educators, and professionals to  
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