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Twyla has over 25 years providing administration, direct care services, training and technical assistance to a variety of groups including, male and female prisoners, criminal justice workers, corporate managers, faith-based organizations, juvenile delinquents, college students, civic groups and organizations, and staff on Native American reservations.

Currently Twyla serves as the Director of the Craig County Detention Center in Vinita Oklahoma.  Previously, she worked for the University of Oklahoma providing training and technical assistance to Bureau of Indian Affairs schools in eight state. She has worked for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Corrections Corporation of America, and the Office of Juvenile Affairs where she served as Administrator, Warden, Case Manager, and a variety of other positions.

Twyla holds a Master's Degree in Urban Studies from Tulsa University, a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Oklahoma State University, and an Associate's Degree in Public Affairs from Northeastern A. & M College in Miami.  She has served as a criminal justice/corrections instructor at Oklahoma State University and Langston University.

Twyla is a certified presenter for the Upside Down Organization which specializes in helping adults, help kids. She also is a certified Master Trainer in True Colors, which is dynamic communications model that accounts for individual personalities and differences



  • Beyond Poverty
  • Brain Matters
  • Change Your Language, Change Their Lives
  • Giving a Fish a Bath


 The “Buzz” About Twyla…

“Made it enjoyable and relatable to job situations and environments
-Participant, ROCMND Youth Services

“Very knowledgeable. She explained big ideas in simple terms. She is a great teacher”
-Participant, ROCMND Youth Services

“Presents with clarity and humor.”
Participant, ROCMND Youth Services