Certification Program


The TranZed Institute's Certification Program was introduced in 2010 for individuals and organizations interested in presenting stimulating, high-quality professional development experiences featuring brain research. After several years of fielding requests about replicating our workshops, we were ready to partner with interested professional developers to expand the delivery of our brain-based workshops nationwide and responded with the creation of the Certification Program.


The TranZed Institute's  Certification Program is currently open. A Module I, "Creating Connections" workshop is being scheduled for July 2019 in Baltimore, MD with dates being announced soon. 

What is Certification?

TranZed Institute certification offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to be trained to provide some of our most popular workshops, to be licensed to use our PowerPoint presentations and workbooks, and to be marketed to thousands of our existing clients.

Why do it?

If you are passionate about sharing brain-based research with education and human services professionals but don’t have the time to take a course or develop your own brain-based workshop, then certification might be for you. Certification is a great investment in your future as a speaker, presenter and staff developer. The TranZed Institute is known for its unique method of delivering cutting-edge workshops that leave participants highly satisfied and wanting more.

How Does It Work?

Certification consists of two parts or “modules.”

  • MODULE 1: Creating Connections: A Transformational Approach to Brain-Based Presenting
    In Creating Connections, we share all the secrets of using neuroscience discoveries to present workshops in a compelling, highly memorable fashion. This module consists of 3 days of on-site training and individual study of assigned print and video materials.
  • MODULE 2: 4-PAK Training Workshops
    In each "4-PAK," participants will learn the detailed content of 3-4 of our dynamic workshops.  Participants will be trained to deliver the material included in our slide presentations as well as the workbooks that accompany them. This module consists of 3 days of on-site training and individual study of assigned print and video materials.

Assessing Your Skills

After completing modules 1 and 2, participants determine when they are ready to demonstrate their ability and officially become “certified.” Because it is essential that we offer and market only the highest quality presentations, participants must demonstrate both content knowledge and presentation ability to become certified. Participants will be required to present a segment of the workshops to demonstrate their presenting abilities. Content knowledge is assessed by oral and written exam.brain grad

Marketing, Advocacy and Updating

Once you’re certified, you’ll be offered a marketing partnership with us and will be licensed to use the slide presentations and workbooks for the 4-PAK workshops you’ve been trained in. The marketing partnership means we will market you for workshop bookings through our newsletters and website. We will advertise your services, collect feedback on your performances and advocate for you getting bigger and better opportunities as your skills develop.

What’s In this for us? Why are we offering the certification option?

There are several reasons:

1. We are passionate about spreading scores of highly effective tools, strategies and practices that will “Help Adults Help Kids.” We believe strongly that the things we teach really do make a difference in the lives of children and the adults that work with them.

2. We can’t keep up with the demand we currently have for our products, and we need more high-quality presenters to help us.

3. A big part of our mission is to generate revenue for the children and families served by The TranZed Alliance (www.tranzedalliance.org). The Certification Program helps us do just that.

Certification through the TranZed Institute is a very unique opportunity. In fact, we don’t know of anything else like it. In order to keep the modules highly-individualized, we limit registration to keep the class sizes small. If you are interested in learning more about the Certification Program and how you can become a part of this special group, contact Diane Paul via email at paul@upsidedownorganization.org.