Professional Development Workshops

Accelerated Teaching Collection

The topics in this collection will boost your knowledge and skills about the brain in a hurry! You’ll understand how the brains of children and youth develop and learn. Most important, you’ll be empowered with the tools to use this knowledge to accelerate each teaching opportunity you have every day. This treasure-trove of knowledge and skills is not just for professional educators, but for any adult who wants to be more effective in teaching the children and youth in their care. This is powerful science. UDO makes it powerfully practical.

Brain Matters | Right From the Start | The New IQ | Change Your Language, Change Their Lives | Jack's Brain, Jill's Brain | My Awesome Brain | See, Experience, Tell | Beyond 30 Something | Giving a Fish a Bath | Conquering Boredom

NEW for 2012-2013 School Year: TRIBAL ISLAND

The Challenging Behaviors Collection

The topics in this collection tackle the most common emotional, behavioral and social issues facing child-serving organizations. Poverty, child abuse, ADHD, stress, bullying, suicide and addiction are addressed from the perspective of the developing brain. By understanding what happens in the brain in these contexts, you will be armed with the knowledge needed to apply the right interventions and supports at the right time. This is powerful science. UDO makes it powerfully practical.

Beyond Poverty | Child Abuse and the Brain | Rethinking ADHD | Secrets of the Stressed Out Brain | Battling the Bully | The Saddest Song | Trouble Letting Go

Organizational Leadership Collection

The topics in this collection provide leaders in child-serving organizations with conceptual foundations, strategic scaffolds, and specific skills required to create powerful, life changing, transformational cultures for children and youth. These workshops support and scaffold the Leadership Development Consultation provided by UDO to those organizations interested in implementing Transformation Education.

Creating the Upside Down Organization | Leadership and the Modern Mind | Transforming the Culture of Conflict