A Transformational Approach to Brain-Based Presenting

F E B R U A R Y 16-19, 2012 

Majestic Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, FL
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Note that this workshop is MODULE 1 of the Certification Program and must be completed (in addition to a minimum of one MODULE 2 3-PAK Training) to be a UDO Certified Presenter.

COST:  Individual: $399  |  Organization: $799

Get The Upside Down Organization's Best Inside Information and Deliver Phenomenal Presentations 

Do you aspire to be a truly brilliant presenter, speaker, teacher or staff development professional? Are you hungry for a learning experience that will dramatically improve your presenting skills by showing you how to deliver your content consistent with how the brain learns? Would you like to have all of UDO's "inside information" on presenting-techniques and tools resulting in UDO's ability to book speaking engagements in 43 states and even internationally? If so, consider joining UDO in Panama City Beach for "Creating Connections," a 4-day workshop that guarantees to transform and dramatically improve your presenting skills!


137.jpgI'm excited to share with you what I believe is UDO's best offering -- a learning experience for professionals who present, teach, train or who want to motivate and influence any group of people. "Creating Connections" is a powerful, practical, cutting-edge workshop demonstrating how recent discoveries in neuroscience can be used to dramatically increase the impact of presentations, trainings, academic courses, and leadership efforts. 

This four-day workshop will take place From Thursday, February 16th-Sunday, February 19that the Majestic Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.I am writing to you personally because you have partnered with UDO in the past by participating in one or more of our learning experiences. Through this partnership, you have provided us with lots of positive feedback about the quality and energy of our presentations. Now you can bring that quality and energy into your own presentations everyday by participating in this exciting workshop.

I can promise you that those who attend this presentation experience and practice the skills taught will transform the quality and effectiveness of their teaching, training, presentation and persuasion. If by the end of this special four-day, intensive, paradigm-shifting experience you don't feel it was one of the best learning experiences you've ever had, I'll return your registration fee. 

I don't often write communications like this but I'm so confident in the quality of this experience I wanted to share it with you personally and let you know how enthusiastic I am about the ability of this workshop to make a lasting difference in the performance of those who attend. I have purposely limited enrollment in the course to insure each participant gets individualized instruction and coaching. We are already closing in on that limit and I expect to close registration soon.

You can register staff by going to our "Open Workshops" Tab on this website or calling our office at 410-870-2481.

Hope to see you there!


Frank J. Kros
President, The Upside Down Organization